Meet Dr. Benjamin Dorantes

On Being a Dentist

I feel very blessed to have found a profession that I love. I’m fortunate to be able to provide the highest quality of dental care to those in need. Each morning, I wake up looking forward to seeing my patients and my staff, and feel lucky to be able to touch so many lives in my profession.

I’m passionate about making each patient feel welcome and comfortable in my office, and treating everyone in a caring and gentle manner. Each person has unique needs and concerns. It’s essential that I listen actively to and work with them to find the treatments that are right for their situation.

I’ve been a practicing dentist for more than 17 years. I entered the field because I knew I wanted to help people and work with my hands. Dentistry allows me to interact with and care for a wide range of personalities. It’s a pleasure to get to know every patient on a personal level and build a lasting relationship with each one. Our conversations, and what we learn from each other, are the highlights of my day.

Education and Continuing Education

I strive to stay up to date with ongoing changes in dental technology, materials, and treatments. Staying current ensures I am knowledgeable in the field and provide my patients with the best care and treatment options available.

I take continuing education courses throughout the year and always exceed the required minimum annual number of hours. In addition to being involved with local dental study clubs, I also attend conferences, lectures, and seminars, and review research findings in journals. Recently I’ve been focusing on dental implants, topics related to oral cancer, and the connection between oral health and overall body wellness.

Professional Memberships

Personal Life

After growing up in Southern California, I moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington School of Dentistry. I am an avid Husky Fan! When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife, cooking, running, and traveling. Between the two of us we have six children, aged 9 to 26, which makes life busy, but fun and exciting.

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